1st album

AMTCD-003 (limited 300 copies)

1st album / Frédéric (CD/ Dec.2001)

  1. la mer
  2. quelle surprise
  3. dans la montée
  4. le pape
  5. all will be o.k.
  6. au village
  7. when my boat sinked away
  8. les quaies
  9. trompette
  10. hyperclean
  11. this is what we thought
  12. l’oiseau
  13. janvier 97
  14. holstenstrasse blues
  15. un squat
  16. jour de pluie
  17. le lapin
  18. debout ou alors allongé
  19. ce matin
  20. une fleur à la main.
  • composé et enregistré par Frédéric Jean
  • selected the tracks by Kawabata Makoto
  • original 2cdr was released on Maison Drôle Productions 1997
  • <http.//maisondrole.free.fr/>
  • front cover drowing by Stéphane
  • back cover photo by Kawabata Makoto at Maison Drôle
  • art work by sachiko@ELF design
  • special thanks to Audrey Ginestet

First solo album from the acid folk singer Frederick. Frederick is based in Toulouse, the capital of the ancient Occitanian region of France. This CD compiles the home-recordings that Frederick released as an ultra-limited double CDR on his own label, Maison Drole Production. (The original included one disk of songs in French and one in English). His songs, influenced by Occitanian traditional music, feel very different from acid folk from the English-speaking world. They have a unique sense of atmosphere, that perhaps come closer to “acid chanson” or “acid ballads”. Edition of 200.

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