Acid Guru Pond

Acid Guru Pond
Acid Guru Pond/Acid Guru Pond

1. Purple

1. Green
2. Blue

1. Orange

1. Red

Acid Guru Pond are :
Mani Neumeier : drums
Atsushi Tsuyama : guitar, bass, keyboards
Makoto Kawabata : guitar
Michael Gibbons : guitar
John Gibbons : guitar
Jason Kourkounis : drums, percussion
Aaron Igler : syntesizer
Isobel Sollenberger : voice, flute
Etsuko Neumeier : voice
Dan Cahoon : guitar on side-D
Jeremiah Misfeldt : keyboard on side-D

recorded at Lemur House

Limited to 1000 copies this exclusive release comes on two split colour LPs with disc one blue and green and disc 2 Red and Orange.

Acid Guru Pond_Disc

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