Acid Mothers Temple Festival (Special Event)

A revival of that quaint old custom of the film concert. This event will include the first showing in Japan of the AMT documentary film “dokonan”, and world’s first showing of the “AMT with Rosina de Peira” live film.

There will also be live performances by AMT members on the night. Many AMT related items will be on sale at the Shopzone, and there might even be a special auction by Tsuyama Atsushi. Many other very special events are also being planned for the night.

“Acid Mothers Temple e Rosina de Peira in Toulouse 2002”

Complete showing of the full performance by AMT and Rosina de Peira, the greatest treasure of the Occitanian trad music scene. Just being able to see a moving image of Rosina de Peira will make this a must for any trad music fans. World’s first showing. (Approx 90 minutes).


Documentary film created by the French film artist Audrey Ginestet. She accompanied the group on their 2002 US tour, and captured lots of great on-stage and off-stage action. This is much more than a simple live film. Japanese dialogue with French subtitles. First showing in Japan. (60 minutes).


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