■ 12月8日(土)@名古屋 Tokuzo (052-733-3709)


Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. :
河端一:guitar, synthesizer, speed guru
東洋之:synthesizer, noodle god
ジョンソン Tsu:vocal, guitar, bouzouki
砂十島NANI : drums, another dimension
Wolf:bass, space & time
liquidbiupil:light show
FMn (フェミニン):space usherette

open 17:30 / start 18:30(開場開演時間が通常よりも早いので御注意下さい)
adv 2800円 / door 3300円

AMT宗家ネクストジェネレーションとしてその歴史の第2章を幕開けて3年目の今年は、ジョンソン Tsuをヴォーカリストに迎えての新体制元年、40日間に41連発の北米ツアー、3時間半に及んだ帝都ワンマン公演、初ロシア公演を含む露英夏の陣、全11カ国41発の欧州ツアー、5カ国を巡るバンド史上初の本格的アジアツアーと、昨年に引き続き世界狭しと怒涛の快進撃を見せたAMT宗家が、更なるサイケデリック大宇宙へ誘うべく、銀河鉄道片道切符の旅へ御案内!

次元を超えたディープ・サイケデリック・サウンドに身を任せながら、光の魔術師達liquidbiupilが現出させるサイケデリック亜空間の中、魅惑の夢先案内人「FMn (フェミニン)」に目眩のように誘われて、逝くまで踊り狂え!








8th dec(sat) @ Nagoya Tokuzo (052-733-3709)

「ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE Festival vol.17」

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. :
Kawabata Makoto : guitar, synthesizer, speed guru
Higashi Hiroshi : synthesizer, noodle god
Jyonson Tsu : vocal, guitar, bouzouki
Satoshima NANI : drums, another dimension
Wolf : bass, space & time
liquidbiupil : light show
FMn : space usherette

open 17:30 / start 18:30
adv 2800yen / door 3300yen

2018 saw the latest manifestation of AMT Next Generation, with genius youth idol Jyonson Tsu joining us on lead vocals. It was also a year where the world felt smaller under our storming live assault. The year kicked off with joint shows in Tokyo and Kobe with Dead Heavens, followed by a 41-date 40-day tour of North America, a three and a half hour headlining show in Tokyo, and Kyoto shows for the second year in succession. Then came our summer campaign in Europe and which included the band’s first ever shows in Russia! And 41 shows across ten countries in Europe in Autumn again. Later in the autumn came our first ever real tour of Asia.

At last year’s AMT Festival, Jyonson Tsu was still just a guest, but for this year’s festival he will be a full member. Come, join us to celebrate the latest manifestation of AMT Next Generation, aka AMT Ultimate Final Year Zero – the gates to a new history have finally opened! It will also be 40 years since Kawabata Makoto first started playing music! There will be freaky psychedelic environments at Tokuzo from light magicians liquidbiupil, and betwitching and dizzying dream guide, FMn. So, come on, get your one-way ticket on the Milky Way Express, destination: the far side of the universe!

■ Including the auction. Who knows what rare items he has in his bag this year.
■ At the Shopzone a clearout sale of all current and old titles.
■ We will be selling the “17th AMT Festival” T-shirt. This will be highly limited so do not delay!
■ Those who purchase tickets in advance can exchange their tickets at the entrance for a special CDR present.
■ AMT member’s fleamarket. What hidden treasures can you find?
■ After the concert we will host the usual AMT end of year party. Please join us.

■ From Nagoya Station, take either the Higashiyama underground line towards Fujigaoka, or the Sakuradori line towards Nonami. In both cases, alight at Imaike which is about ten minutes from Nagoya Station. The venue is two minutes walk from exit ten at Imaike.

[For those planning to travel from further afield]
■ The gig will end by 22:00, because of noise limitation ordinances. Since The last Nozomi shinkansen bound for Tokyo leaves Nagoya station at 22:10, so we recommend that anyone who wants to travel back to Tokyo that night instead books the nightbus “Dream” leaving from in front of Nagaoya station at 23:30. There are other cheap night buses as well, leaving up till 24:15.

■ For those travelling from Osaka, the last Nozomi bullet train leaves Nagoya at 22:57. You will have adequate time to catch either one of these.

■ There are numerous cheap hotels both around Tokuzo and around the Nagoya Station area. However, since the gig wil be on a weekend it would be advisable to make a booking in advance.

■ Tokuzo will be open as a bar until 05:00 so it will also be possible to spend the night drinking there and then catch the first train home in the morning. There are many other drinking establishments near Tokuzo that stay open all night.

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