(Acid Mothers Temple[Japan]/CDR/1999)

Buddha… / Uchu (Mar.1999)

  1. Buddha
  2. Hitoribocchi Ichiman Konen
  3. Ai
  4. Shamusun
  • Higashi Hiroshi: electric guitar, voice
  • Ayano: voice
  • Kawabata Makoto: electric guitar, voice

Music by Kawabata & Higashi

Words by Uchu

“no synthesizer, no sampler, no programming, —– only guitars!!”

Recorded at Studio Irori 25th Feb. 1999
Art work by ELF / Sachiko Ichikawa



The second album from the virtual trip chill-out guitar unit UCHU,dedicated to psych and techno fans everywhere. The book of Universal Revelations is finally uncovered in 1999, the last year of the millennium!

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