Dark Revolution (Ankoku Kakumei)

Dark Revolution (Ankoku Kakumei)
/ Dark Revolution Collective (Ankoku Kakumei Kyodotai)
(Qbico [Italy]/ LP/ 2001)


  1. Dark Revolution


  1. Madmen Union

Dark Revolution Collective (Ankoku Kakumei Kyodotai) :

  • Kawabata Makoto : percussion, synthesizer
  • Kawagishi Tetsushi : percussion
  • Iwaki Yasuo : percussion


Recorded at Dark Store Room, 1978
Produced & engineered by Kawabata Makoto
Art work by Qbico

Originally issued on cassette on the R.E.P. (Revolutionary Extrication Project) label in the 80’s in very limited quantities, then re-issued on a 10 CD-R box set entitled “Makoto Kawabata early works 1978-1981”

“The only recording of the first group i formed with two friends. At that time we didn’t own any instruments. The only things we had was a synthesizer that we had borrowed from another friend. As a result, our first musical forays were played on that synth and some home-made percussion. We laid down the basic traks in the dark store room adjoining the science laboratory at our junior high school, under the light of a single red lightbulb. We used some of the beakers and instruments from the store room as our percussion, breaking several of them in the process. Needless to say, this episode got us into a heap of trouble later” – Makoto Kawabata

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