(Black Plastic Sounds [USA]/ CD/ 2002)

  1. Shizuku no youni
  2. Johsho kiryu
  3. Yasei no uma no tategami ga suki
  4. Fuwa fuwa
  5. Wave ring
  6. Walk in the air
  7. Desert
  8. Over the mountain
  9. Falling colours


  • YUKI : vocal, violin, electric sitar
  • KANEKO TETSUYA : tabla, electric guitar
  • KAWABATA MAKOTO : acoustic guitar, electric guitar on track 4 & 9
music by Floating Flower
words by Yuki
produced and engineered by Kawabata Makoto
recorded at Arrows’ house on 12th Oct. 1998 (track 1-4),12st Jun.1999 (track 5-9)
art work by Sachiko@ELF design

original released by Acid Mothers Temple label on Nov. 1998 and Jul.1999.

Black Plastic Sound

” B.P.S. would like to thank Kawabata Makoto,Sachiko(Elf Design),and M. Kazmierczak for helping to make a dream come true!”

P.O. Box 447,Moscow,PA 18444 USA
distributed by Summersteps Records

Floating Flower is an acid folk unit comprising me, Yuki and Tetsuya Kaneko. The other two are always travelling around India, and I’ve forgotten where I first met them, but the group started when I suggested creating a folk unit that featured Yuki’s vocals. But in the end we just spent all our time improvising these really long minimal pieces, and they became the first album. Yuki starts singing she slip into a trance and fly off somewhere.

Any time Kaneko or Yuki have some free time they go off to travel round India. I never have any idea when they’re going to be back to record the next album. While they’re away, their house is filled with a bunch of spongers. But that must be the way they like to live. They don’t care at all whether their CDs sell, or whether we reissue them on LP and CD. That isn’t what they’re about ? their concerns are somewhere else entirely.

kawabata makoto

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