Grain – a compilation of 99 short tracks

Grain – a compilation of 99 short tracks
/ V.A.
(Dot Dot Dot Music [Ireland]/CD/ 2003)

Amping / Kawabata Makoto

  • Kawabata Makoto : amping (guitar amp cable)

Kawabata has record his “amping solo” only 2 times for his musical activitees since 1978. The first time was 1978, the second time was 2002. The amping is the one of his early musical idea.

Compilation of short tracks featuring exclusive tracks from legendary 60s electronic rockers SILVER APPLES, 60/70s electronic/ambient pioneer HANS JOACHIM ROEDELIUS, ex-Spacemen 3 member SONIC BOOM (with Delia Derbyshire from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop), Japanese noise guitarist KAZUYUKI K. NULL from Zenigeva, free jazzers BARRY GUY (Bass), JOHN RUSSELL (Guitar), and JOHN BUTCHER (Sax), JOHN EDWARDS (Bass), Acid Mothers Temple mainman KAWABATA MAKOTO, Theremin quartet THE LOTHARS, Surrealist avant-rockism from VOLCANO THE BEAR and many other great artists from around the globe.

Over a year in the making, “Grain” is now completed and ready for release. And what a release it is! Featuring musicians and sound artists from around the globe – Japan, Germany, Austria, USA, UK, Denmark etc… Ranging from noise blow-outs to free-improv sketches to electronic meditations to spoken word to electro-acoustic miniatures to perfectly formed post-rock nuggets, it covers the vast spectrum of inventive and experimental sound. The shortest track is 1 second long, longest track is 2 minutes.


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