La Musica Tapes vol.2


La Musica Tapes vol.2 / Mainliner

“Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik”
1. Tsukisasaru
2. Last Day
3. Lugubrious
4. Black Sky
5. Tsukisasaru (alternative studio take)

Recorded Live July 1996
Mastered at La Musica Studio
Produced by Nanjo Asahito

6. Terra
7. Tsukisasaru
8. Kamikaze

Recorded at West Studio 1996
Mastered at La Musica Studio 1997
Produced by Nanjo Asahito

Nanjo Asahito : bass, vocals
Kawabata Makoto : guitar
Yoshida Tatsuya : drums


La Musica Tapes vol.1 / Mainliner (self release [Japan]/CDR/2-13)
La Musica Tapes vol.2 / Mainliner (self release [Japan]/CDR/2-13)

We have successfully completed the Mainliner tour of the UK and Ireland. Until the time comes for it to rewaken, Mainliner has been returned to its permastasis capsule.
At venues on the tour we sold two CDrs of old Mainliner material, under the title “La Musica Tapes vol.1 and vol.2”. These are reissues of material originally released on cassette tape on Asahito Nanjo’s La Musica label. Each CDr includes the material from two cassettes. “La Musica Tapes Vol.1” includes the “Troop” cassette of outtakes and demo mixes from “Mellow Out”, and “Mainliner Sonic” which incuded demo mixes from the third album. “La Musica Tapes Vol.2” includes live takes from 1996 originally released as “Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik” and “Kamikaze”, which was originally due to be released as the second Mainliner album but was shelved for various reasons.


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