Live From The Devil’ s Triangle, Volume 6

Live From The Devil’ s Triangle, Volume 6
/ V.A.
(KFJC [JAPAN]/ 2CD/ 2004)

Disc 1

  1. mono “The Kidnapper Bell”
  2. Condor “Pokerface”
  3. Nervewheel “The Dread Mocus”
  4. Crack We Are Rock “My Dad’s Boyfriend”
  5. Live Human “Cantos”
  6. Control R Workshop “Owl In Daylight”
  7. SubArachnoid Space “These Things Take Time”
  8. Steve Von Till “Running Dry”
  9. Goodheart, Allen, Powell “For Princess”
  10. Low “John Prine”

Disc 2

  1. Paik “Dizzy Stars”
  2. Origami “She’s Got The Rhythm”
  3. Tsurubami “Ame Ni Utaite”
  4. Dead Meadow “Heaven”
  5. Brookhaven “Set”
  6. CKW Trio “fifteen”
  7. Davis Redford Triad “Blue Cloud”
  8. Haco “Hi/Low”
  9. James Talley “Up From Georgia”
  10. South Austin Jug Band “Old Settler’s Breakdown”
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