Musique Cosmique Electro-Acoustique

Musique Cosmique Electro-Acoustique
/ Kawabata Makoto
(QBICO [Italy]/ LP/ 2003)


  1. Space King Joe (Kawabata Makoto)


  1. Space King Joe (Kawabata Makoto)
  2. Planet 0 (Kawabata Makoto)
  • Makoto Kawabata: direct touching a resister
recorded at Acid Mothers Temple Aug. 01 (2001) and Feb. 02 (2002)
produced & engineered by Kawabata Makoto
live photo by Hayasaka at Bears “Cosmic electric music festival vol.1” on 7th Jul. 01


“Unusually, the album contains absolutely no synthesisers, all the electronic sounds instead being produced by direct physical interaction with the internal workings of effects units. Of the two tracks on this album, ‘Space King Joe’ is a re-recording of a piece originally released on the ‘Private Tapes’ 5 CD-R. The second track, ‘Planet 0’ is previously unreleased. A new, very futuristic and unique sound in electronic music !”

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