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Nishinihon 2001 #1 Nishinihon 2001 #2 Nishinihon 2001 #3 Tsuyama 2001 #1 Tsuyama 2001 #2 Kawabata 2001 #1
Kawabata 2001 #2 Ichiraku 2001 #1 Ichiraku 2001 #2 Nishinihon 2003 #1 Nishinihon 2003 #2


NISHINIHON #2 (2003 -)

  • Tsuyama Atsushi : vocal, bass, acoustic guitar
  • Kawabata Makoto : electric guitar
  • Okano Futoshi : drums

NISHINIHON #1 (1999 – 2002)

  • Tsuyama Atsushi : vocal, bass, acoustic guitar
  • Kawabata Makoto : electric guitar
  • Ichiraku Yoshimitsu : drums

All-man hard rock group obsessed with the good old rock music of the sixties and seventies. that exploded into life at the very end of the 20th century. This was the first ever group to be led rockin’ leader of the pack Tsuyama Atsushi.

The group’s name, Nishinihon, refers to the west of Japan. The language and culture of this area is very different to that of Tokyo (which is in eastern Japan). Nishinihon’s members are all from the west of Japan, and they all loath Tokyo with a vengeance.

Tight, tight trousers. Hot and sweaty performances. Massive volume, of course. Stoopid lyrics. Hot and sweaty vocals. Extended guitar solos. Explosive bass. Full-on drums. All of these qualities that rock used to possess back in the good old days are fully (and miracously) present in Nishinihon — that rarest of beasts, an art rock band. (When records by Cream, Zep, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Soft Machine first arrived in Japan in the early seventies, they were known in general as art rock bands).

In order to renaimate the rock fantasy, the group’s creed is to play old-fashioned, ugly rock n roll. They dream of one day creating an art rock youth movement.

2000 : Release their first CD “Nishinihon” on Gyuune (Japan).

2001 : Release a tour EP (split with AMT) on the Static Caravan-Resonance label to commemorate their tour of the UK and Ireland.

2002 : Their first album is reissued as a double LP by the UK label Static Caravan/Resonance




“We Are Here” UK tour October 2001 / Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. + Nishinihon
(Static Caravan-Resonant[UK]/EP/2001)

Nishinihon / Nishinihon
(Static Caravan-Resonant[UK]/2LP/2002)

Acid Mothers Temple Family compilation “Do Whatever You Want, Don’t Do Whatever You Don’t Want!!” / Acid Mothers Temple Family

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