(Static Caravan-Resonant [UK]/ 2LP/ 2002)


  1. Ah Dinnae wan tae do owt,ba ah still wan money (kawabata/tsuyama/ichiraku)
  2. Hoos the fuk that et tha rest o man schoo? (tsuyama)
  3. Super station (kawabata)


  1. Ataraxia (tsuyama/ichiraku)
  2. Let’s Zeppelin’ (kawabata/tsuyama)
  3. Uchida U-ya (kawabata/tsuyama/ichiraku)


  1. Constitution of the State of Western Japan,article 14 (kawabata/tsuyama/ichiraku)
  2. Mystery-dead breaker (kawabata/tsuyama/ichiraku)

side-D (bonus tracks/live)

  1. Are you Lady? (kawabata/tsuyama/ichiraku)
  2. The undertaker is a tombstone maker (kawabata/tsuyama/ichiraku)


  • Kawabata Makoto: electric guitars
  • Tsuyama Atsushi: vocals, electric bass, acoustic guitars
  • Ichiraku Yoshimitsu: drums, percussion

We never used any synthesizers!!

produced by NISHINIHON
all words by Tsuyama Atsushi (except for A-3. by Kawabata & Tsuyama)
engineered by Kotani Tetsuya / Omega sound (except for side-D)
art work by Sachiko Ichikawa / ELF design
live photo by Marks Gabriella Marks/, Cotton Casino
original cd was released by Gyuune Cassette on Dec.2000 (Japan)
special thanks to Alan Cummings, Gyuune Cassette



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