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D-Pardons-X (ex. Pardons):

  • PARDON UNO : synthesizer, guitar
  • PARDON DOS : synthesizer, voice

Duo unit from the AMT frontline synth siblings of Cotton Casino and Higashi Hiroshi. Another theory is that the group actually consists of Pardon Dos and Pardon Uno who bear a close resemblance to Cotton and Higashi. Pardon Dos’s vocals swirl through cosmic synth sounds, backwards guitar and looped drones. While the Pardons sound may be best termed mood cosmic music, it is totally different from other avant-garde electronic music or mood music played on moogs.

2002 : Debut CD “Pardon?” released on the AMT label. Shocking debut live performance in Paris on 30th Nov.

2003 : Their second CD “Charlies’ Pardons” released on the AMT label. They toured UK, Ireland and the US with Tsurubami and Kawabata Makoto solo as Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective tour.
They had changed the name to D-Pardons-X. They performed at Cosmic Electronics Festival vol.3 in Osaka.
They announced the group finished.


AMTCD-002 (limited 200 copies) Pardon! / PARDONS (CD/ Apr.2001)


Acid Mothers Temple Family compilation “Do Whatever You Want, Don’t Do Whatever You Don’t Want!!”
/ Acid Mothers Temple Family

(Earworm records [UK]/ 3CDs/ 2002)





Charlie’s Pardons
AMTCD-009 Charlie’s Pardons / Pardons (May 2003)






Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective Tour 2003
AMTCD-010 Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective Tour 2003 / Tsurubami, Pardons, Kawabata Makoto solo (May 2003)


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