Space Machine 3

Space Machine 3
/ Space Machine
(Tiliqua [Belgium]/2LP/ 2003)


  1. Yamazaki Maso solo


  1. Live at Bigcat, Osaka, 02/12/19

solo recordings at Space Machine Systems Studio (on side-A/B)

  • Yamazaki Maso : Moog sonic six, EMS VCS3, ARP odyssey, Roland system 100M, PAiA 4700, Mirano echo chamber 4R, Maestro echoplex EP3, MoogerFooger MF-104 analog delay and National cassette tape recorder

live line-up (on side-C/D)

  • Yamazaki Maso : ARP synthesizer, echo machine
  • Kawabata Makoto : Fresher electric guitar, reverb unit
  • Nakaya Kouichi : Korg synthesizer, Moog etherwave theremin, echo machine
all music produced, recorded and mixed by Yamazaki Maso (except for “Live at Bigcat” which was recorded on cassette walkman by Hori & Yamazaki


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