squimaoto / squimaoto
(Bambalam/[France] /LP/2017)

A 1 uida
A 2 upo palace
A 3 vodnik
B 1 shtumm and restless
B 2 hets

squimaoto :
Akemi : drums
Hagi : guitar, vocal
Natsue : guitar, vocal

additional musicians :
Kim : guitar (on A-2)
Kawabata Makoto (on B-2)

written by squimaoto
recorded at Helluva Lounge Kobe on Mar-Sep, 2007
overdubbed by Kawabata Makoto at Acid Mothers Temple on Jan 2017.
selected & reproduced by Kawabata Makoto on Jan 2017.
artwork by Potshard and squimaoto
painting by Pitshark
the original release was on CD from Shishi Records in 2007.

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