The Wrong Cage

The Wrong Cage
/ Jenifer Gentle and Kawabata Makoto
(Sillyboy [Italy]/ CD/ 2002)

  1. Bring Them
  2. Man From Mu (Kawabata Makoto sarangi solo)
  3. Couple In Bed By A Green Flashing Light

Jenifer Gentle :

  • Marco : voice, wah guitar(L)
  • Nicola : guitar on track-1, bass on track-3
  • Isacco : bass on track-1, guitar on track-3
  • Alessio : drums
  • Massimo : keyboards, chaos pad
  • Marco.D : hoodoo guru


  • Kawabata Makoto : echo guitar(R), sarangi on track-2
Sound engineered by Francesco Donadello
Live recorded at Banale (Padua), 23rd May.2002 by Francesco Donadello
Mixed at Magical Mystery studio by Marco Fasolo and Francesco Donadello

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