Uchu 1st

(Acid Mothers Temple[Japan]/CDR/1998)

Uchu 1st / Uchu (Feb.1998)

  1. Uchu
  2. Suisei 2099
  3. Inochi
  • Higasi Hiroshi: electric Guitar, voice
  • Ayano: voice
  • Kawabata Makoto: electric guitar, voice

“no synthesizer, no sampler, no programming, —– only guitars!!”

Recorded atRecorded at Studio Irori 17th, 18th Jan. 2nd, 3rd Feb. 1998
Art work by ELF / Sachiko Ichikawa



Extreme virtual trip psychedelic guitar unit.

First in a series of Universal Revelations from the soul community Acid Mothers Temple. (Includes a colour pin-up!)

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