Ultra Trip Cat

Ultra Trip Cat
/ Baroque Bordello
(QBICO [Italy]/ LP/ 2003)

  1. Udu – Ja – Lau
  2. Madness And Baptisma
  3. Cardinal And Nun
  4. Where Is Heroine?
  5. Mao Train
  6. Gewalt

Baroque Bordello:

  • Kawabata makoto : G. B. Syn. Kb. Perc. Vo.
  • Kawagishi Tetsushi : G. B. Kb. Perc. Vo.
  • Iwaki Yasuo : Perc. Kb. Syn. G.


recorded at R.E.P. studio, Horyuji sound house 1980



Originally issued on cassette on the R.E.P. label in the 80’s in very limited quantities, then re-issued on a 10 CD-R box set entitled “Makoto Kawabata early works 1978-1981” (ltd. ed. 100 copies only, numbered, sold out)

“Our first release with a normal instrumental line-up (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, ect…). However, since we still had no way of knowings musical theory or how to play our instruments in a normal way, we played in a style completly of our own. We played our 1st live gig around this time. We plugged straight into the amps that had been provided and proceeded to improvise at maximum volume for just under an hour. Finally the amps caught fire and the other bands were unable to play; needless to say that our reception from the audience and promoter was not the most favorable !”
M. Kawabata

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