Univers Zen ou de zéro à zéro

Univers Zen ou de zéro à zéro
/ Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
(FRACTAL RECORDS [France]/ CD/ 2002)

  1. Electric Love Machine (cotton/kawabata)
  2. Ange mécanique de Saturne (cotton/tsuyama)
  3. Blues pour bible noire (cotton/kawabata)
  4. Trinité orphique (kawabata,tsuyama)
  5. Soleil de cristal et lune d’argent (cotton/kawabata)
  6. God bless AMT (kawabata,tsuyama)
  • Cotton Casino: vocals, synthesizer, beer & cigarette
  • Tsuyama Atsushi: monster bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, cosmic joker
  • Koizumi Hajime: drums, sleeping monk
  • Higashi Hiroshi: synthesizer, dancin’king
  • Magic Aum Gigi: jews harp, erotic underground
  • Fother Moo: mooooooooooooooooooo
  • Kawabata Makoto: electric guitars, bouzouki, violin, tambura, speed guru
  • Hiroshi Nar: guitar solo on “Electric love machine” (left channel)

recorded at Acid Mothers Temple and Omega Sound
engineered by Kawabata Makoto and Kotani Tetsuya (Omega Sound)
mixed by Kawabata Makoto
art works by Sachiko@ELF
photo by Ishida Yoko and Telle Kumazawa
produced by Kawabata Makoto

With 6 years of existence and already a rich discography, around a dozen of titles, Acid Mothers Temple presents today their new studio album, and which is in fact the 6th of the band (after the three first on PSF, “New geocentric world of AMT” and “Absolutely freak-out” – all others are considered by Makoto Kawabata himself, as AMT’s special concept releases). “Univers zen ou de zéro à zéro” is a full recording, with the “whole world” of AMT…from spirit to love, freak-out psychedelia, cosmic folk, blues, humour… a great introduction for all new listeners, and maybe, for all fans, another magic mushroom treasure ! Indeed, musically, it is probably one of the best achievement, including the demented opening track “Electric Love Machine” (or how see 40 years of acid rock !). But impossible to avoid the two magnum opus (of more than 20 min. each) forming the cornerstone of the album, and also the first studio version of the emblematic “God bless AMT” (only plays live as ending) and more… plenty of freaky guitars, space electronics, monster bass etc.. and super revolution in Cotton super Casino’s vocals : in almost all tracks, she sings ala Mady Gula Blue Heaven style, delicate, beauty, dreams ! Special guest in this album, the great guitarist Hiroshi Narazaki (ex Les Rallizes Dénudés, Zuno Keisatsu, Port Cuss).
Archangels thunderbird brings the New Rock from the cosmos…

(from “Fractal records: Catalogue” http://www.fractal-records.com/04catalogue/catal_1.htm)

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