White Sands ep


White Sands ep / Maquiladora (Mar.2000)

  1. Prostitute Song
  2. Happy Day
  3. Ankle
  4. Julian
  5. Termez 1936
  6. So Far Away


  • Phil : voice, hermonica, bass, divine incantations, frying pan
  • Eric : Acoustic guitar, bass, voice
  • Bruce : Hammond organ, guitar, xylophone, melodica, upright bass, accordion, water phone, voice

additional musicians:

  • Morgan : drums
  • Tobby : piano
  • Pall : guitar
remixed by Kawabata Makoto
Original released by eunice music 1999
Art work by ELF / Sachiko Ichikawa



An Acid Mothers Temple reissue of the “White Sands EP”, the second release by MAQUILADORA, an underground psychedelic trio from San Diego. Remixed by Makoto Kawabata. A classic of real American psychedelia, illuminated by a deep acid glow.

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