Yes, No & Perhaps


Yes, No & Perhaps
/ Acid Mothers Temple SWR
(Magaibutsu[Japan]/CD/Oct. 2014)

1 Theme Of SWR (Yes, No & Perhaps)
2 Black Waffle With Jolokia Sause
3. Loquacious… Then Unexpectedly Silent… ~ Nagi Nagi Number Attended Number Of Love
4. The Adventures of Margo Roby-Yong
5. Jumping From Side To Side Around The 88 Temples Of The Shikoku Pilgrimage
6. Sworn Enemies Of The Progressive Rock Freak Approach! Let’s Make It 3 Chords, 8 Beat
7. Seven Beats, Slowly Slowly Slowly
8. The Life Of The Lion Tamarin Who Was Invited To The Palace
9. Raundaboutmidnightlightningvolt & Nut
10. Lay Down The Cornerstone Of Victory
11. 30 Ways To Smash Your Records With A Rock And Give Women The Jitters

石を持ってレコードを割り、女をやきもきさせる30の方法 / Acid Mothers Temple SWR
1. SWRのテーマ
2. The Black Waffle With Jolokia Sause
3 饒舌、、、それは思いのほか無口、、、~ナギナギナンバーは恋の出席番号
4 マルゴロビーヨンの大冒険
5 プログレマニアの天敵接近中!今すぐスリーコード、エイトビートに展開だ。
6 反復横跳びしながらの四国88カ所巡り
7 Seven beats on slowly slowly slowly
8 宮廷に招かれたライオンタマリンの一生
9 Raundaboutmidnightlightningvolt & nut
10 勝利をもたらせるコーナーストーンを置いとくれ

Acid Mothers Temple SWR :
Yoshida Tatsuya : drums, percussion, vocal, keyboards
Tsuyama Atsushi : bass, vocal, recorder, soprano sax, guitar
Kawabata Makoto : guitar, vocal, guitar synthesizer

recorded at several venues between 2009 and 2012
additional recording, editing and mixing in summer 2014 by Yoshida Tatsuya
masterong, cover art by Yoshida Tatsuya
song titles by Tsuyama Atsushi

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