Zoffy Live!


Zoffy Live! / Zoffy (Jun.2000)

  1. Zoffy
  2. Purple Haze
  3. Angel’s Hidden Harakiri
  4. Minestra Zuppa
  5. Only Vertical Gash
  6. Stairway to …
  7. Bananes Mécaniques
  8. Tout Tout Pour Ma Chérie
  9. Soft Love Machine
  10. Alan Prost
  11. Hades Hardy Girl
  12. Humburger Rock
  13. Stairway to Heaven
  14. Hyderomastgroningem
  15. …Heaven


  • Tsuyama Atsushi : vocal, bouzouki, guitar, alpine trumpet, bass harmonica, drums
  • Kawabata Makoto : oud, vidin, yörük, algoza, guitar, organ, bowed peacock harp, synthesizer, chorus, theremin, bass

live recorded at Ragtime (toulouse) 20/May/1999, unknown (grenoble) 16/May/1999, Tokuzo (nagoya) 11/Jun./1999 & 26/Aug/1999, Bears (osaka) 28/Apr./2000, kuku (nagoya) 29/Apr./1999

Special thanks to :
Ruins (Yoshida Tatsuya, Sasaki Hisashi), Audrey Ginestet, Jade Moon, Franck Stofer, Jerome Genin, May Marylene, Leonetti Xavier, OWUN, Koizumi Hajime, Kato Sae

The long-awaited ZOFFY live album, including tracks recorded live in Occitan, the birthplace of the troubadour tradition! Kawabata has long been a rabid fan of troubadour and Occitan’s traditional music, and Tsuyama is a well-known European trad music and 60s/70s rock freak. This album collects many historic performances by the duo, including some of those live covers that you all know and love… (includes an inner sleeve)

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