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Kan Tae Hwan + Ichiraku Yoshimitsu + Kawabata Makoto

A live trio recording ‘Love Time’

A live trio recording ‘Love Time&# … Continue reading

Kawabata Makoto et à qui avec Gabriel

Golden Tree

Golden Tree/ Kawabata Makoto & à qui … Continue reading

Ame no Tsurugi

Ame no Tsurugi/ Kawabata Makoto et à qui … Continue reading

Kawabata Pauvros (Kawabata Makoto & J.F. Pauvros)


Extreme-Onction/ Kawabata Pauvros(Fracta … Continue reading


Venus/ Kawabata Makoto + J.F.Pauvros(PSF … Continue reading

Makoto Kawabata & Geoff Leigh

Spatial Roots

Spatial Roots / Makoto Kawabata & Ge … Continue reading

Mani Neumeier & Kawabata Makoto

Samurai Blues

Samurai Blues/ Mani Neumeier & Kawab … Continue reading

other collaborations

In G : a live session by ultrasound & Acid Mothers Temple

In G : a live session by ultrasound &amp … Continue reading

Pataphysical Overdrive To My Cosmos

AMTCD-014 Pataphysical Overdrive To My C … Continue reading

Henie Onstad 2002-11-03

Henie Onstad 2002-11-03/ Kawabata + Slow … Continue reading

The Wrong Cage

The Wrong Cage/ Jenifer Gentle and Kawab … Continue reading

Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars/ Kawabata Makoto & … Continue reading

Electric Guitars

AMCD-021 Electric Guitars / KAWABATA MAK … Continue reading

A Story of Creation

A Story of Creation/ Kawabata Makoto &am … Continue reading

Within A Golden Moment

AMCD-010 Within A Golden Moment / Mason … Continue reading

Kore mo hitotsu no sekai

Kore mo hitotsu no sekai/ Iuchi Kengo(Sh … Continue reading

Kukuri Gakudan

Kukuri Gakudan/ Kukuri Gakudan(Tenkyo No … Continue reading

Holy Trip Festival ’94

Holy Trip Festival ’94(Yugakusha [ … Continue reading

Revers & Mountains

Revers & Mountains / Kawabata Makoto … Continue reading

Richard Youngs & Kawabata Makoto

Makoto Kawabata – Richard Youngs

Makoto Kawabata – Richard Youngs/ … Continue reading

Shogo-Nari with Kawabata Makoto

Born From The Water

Born From The Water/ Shogo-Nari(Zakuro [ … Continue reading

Black Blues

Black Blues/ Shogo-Nari(Zakuro [Japan]/ … Continue reading


What the Day Was Dreaming

What the Day Was Dreaming/ Maquiladora(D … Continue reading

Disco Space Baby

AMCD-015 Disco Space Baby / Kido Natsuki … Continue reading

Phantom Engineer

Phantom Engineer/ Phantom Engineer(Paper … Continue reading

International Incident

International Incident/ Mason Jones(Char … Continue reading


Kawabata Makoto soloOther groupCollaborationMixing engineer Compilation |