Angel & Demon

Angel & Demon
/ Pikacyu★Makoto
/ 光宙★魔呼斗
(Jul. 2017)

1. だまれ ◆ Shut up, world!
2. 京都嵯峨野に吹く風は ◆ Wind blows through Sagano in Kyoto
3. あなたはここよ ◆ You are here
4. 私はカメルーンの森で走るチーター ◆ I’m a wild cheetah from the woods of Cameroon
5. 愛を尋ねるもの ◆ Asking for love
6. バナナ・マコト ◆ Banana Makoto
7. ギャラクシリンピック ◆ Galaxilympics

光宙 Pikacyu : drums, voice
魔呼斗 Makoto : guitar, synthesizer

Produced by Kawabata Makoto
Live recorded by Stuart Groves @ Colchester Art Centre, 29th May 2016 (track 1 – 6), PM Walsh @ Connolly’s of Leap Cork, 26th May 2016 (track 7)
Digital Mastered by Nakaya Koichi
Back sleeve illustration by Okumura Mondo
Sleeve art work by Kawabata Sachiko
Disc illustration by Kurimoto Naomi
Disc art work by Nakaya Koichi
Special thanks to Alan Cummings, Tom Relieen, Milo, Arthur, Mother Sky, Emmett & Chika, Sam, Chris, MIYAZAKI, Agathe Max, Taigen Kawabe, Simon Fowler, Kai☆Maki, Kurose Nobuhiro

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