The Best of Zoffy”Atsu-Mako”


Zoffy / The Best of Zoffy”Atsu-Mako” (Apr.1999)

  1. Zoffy
  2. White Room
  3. Tibetan Polyphonica
  4. Bésamé La Mucho
  5. Black Night
  6. Mustapha Pôle
  7. Barom Cross
  8. Bossa Novocain Black
  9. Scholl Song (live)
  10. The Court Of Matango
  11. Fire Ball
  12. StairWay To Heaven (Remix)


  • Tsuyama Atsushi: vocal, electric sitar, oud, bass harmonica, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, alto recorder
  • Kawabata Makoto: violin, sarangi, oud, bouzouki, saz, kemençe, dholak, synthesizer, organ, cymbal, electric guitar

additional musician:

  • Kaneko Tetsuya: tabla on 8.

Music by Zoffy (except for 2. 5. 11. 12.)
Words by Tsuyama Atsushi (except for 9.)
2. 5. 8. from “Zet CD” (AMCD-004) 1998
4. 6. 7. 11 from “Zo zo zo zo Zoffy!!” (AMCD-008) 1998
9. 12. from 1st cassette tape “Tanjo hen” (AMT-03) 1997
1. 3. 10 unreleased trucks

Art work by ELF / Sachiko Ichikawa
Inner sleeve by Kawabata Makoto


A compilation of the best of Zoffy, the psychedelic trad duo from hell consisting of Atsushi Tsuyama (Omoide Hatoba) and Makoto Kawabata (Musica Transonic). A selection of tracks from their two albums, their mysterious first cassette, plus two previously unreleased tracks. Twelve tracks in all! Welcome to the World Zoffy, overflowing with B-class humor.

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